The origins of UDCV

The Union Départementale des Centres de Vacances (departmental union of summer camps) is an association "law 1901" created in 1936 and recognized as a charity organization since 1958.

Formed originally by patronage parishes of Amiens, scouting movements, school, sports and cultural associations, the UDCV receives in 1968 the legacy of the Duke of Berny and buys the property of Fort Manoir with the goal to host summer camps, outdoor recreation centers, and the ambition to become a training center for  facilitators and organizers.

looking for volunteers

plumbing and construction volunteers

UDCV looks for volunteers with skills in:



-household electrical

-building construction

The origins of FORT MANOIR

The wood of Fort Manoir was part of the Fortmanoir estate acquired in the 1620s by Oudart BRIET, a French Provost Marshal. His son, Nicolas, lord of Fortmanoir inherited the estate but had to leave it to go to Bourgogne where he was appointed as provincial Provost.


Under Louis XIV, a limestone castle with a Mansard roof was built.At the beginning of the 20th century, two brick and stone pavilions were added and linked by a winter garden (see picture underneath)


Since the death of Nicolas Briet de Fortmanoir in Besançon in 1681, the estated has been transmitted to the various successors, the estate near Remiencourt was added at the beginning of the XVIIIth century. Pierre Alexandre  Briet de Formanoir de Remiencourt died without descendants ; the estate was thus inherited by his sister, Elisabeth de Franqueville.


When Edmond de Franqueville died, Formanoir was given up for M Nonmert in 1896 and in 1905 to Léontine Latigant, wife of M Burdin de Péronne who was Public Prosecutor in Amiens. Massive works were then undertaken.


The 1914-1918 bombings seriously damaged the castle which was restaured and extended in the 1920s. The bombings of the Longueau train sttion in 1944 completely destroyed the castle.


UDCV bought this park with the ruins of the castle thanks to the donation of the Duc de Berny in 1958.


The castle was located on the eastern part of the estate which was expropriated in 1995 to allow the works of the interchange of the Amiens bypass.

Fort Manoir castle in 1910


Get involved in our projects and actions

To develop projects targeted toward youth,  voluntary organizations, education and training, Fort Manoir gives oportunities to anyone with skills or desire to act concretely, build, create, develop and sustain projects in an associative setting with no interest for profit.


So if you have some free time, whether an hour, a day, or a week-end, Fort Manoir is interested in you to help develop its project :

Project 1 : Help arrange the association room

Project 2 : Stop water waste !

Project 3 : Stop energy waste !

Project 4 : Embellishment and landscaping

Project 5 : computing and communication

Project 6 : welcoming the groups better and better

Project 7 : develop and host activities linked to nature and biodiversity

Project 8 : develop and host cultural activities

Project 9 : develop and host sports, leisure and wellness activities

Projet 10 : develop and host DIY activities

Projet 11 : foster international exchanges and the welcoming of foreign groups

Projet 12 : share with us your great ideas or tops tips…